Most 'sexist' city in the UK revealed as Chester, research says

Most 'sexist' city in the UK revealed as Chester, research says

Research says Chester has a high gender pay gap (Stock image)

Friday, November 3, 2017

The most "sexist" city in the UK has been revealed as Chester, according to new research.

Women in the city are on average paid £25,000 a year whereas men earn £38,000 on average, according to The Mirror.

Research by jobs site Adzuna, which used 155,000 CVs of jobseekers, also found that in some cities in the UK men are earning up to 54% more than women.

The second city with the largest gender pay gap was Crawley in Sussex with a 50% difference.

In third place was Warrington at 48% and it was followed by High Wycombe at 47% and Worcester at 45%.

But research showed the city with the smallest gender pay gap was Belfast. The next smallest was Southend at 20% and then Brighton at 21%.

The co-founder of Adzuna Doug Monro said this research "needs to be a rude awakening to cities up and down the UK that more must be done to bridge the gender pay gulf."

He added that he thinks it is "unacceptable pay difference that is holding back productivity in the jobs market" and "employers must show more support to female staff."

Monro also said women need to be helped to "return to work after career breaks, allowing more flexible working options, and supporting women into higher paid, higher level roles."