Mosul offensive: Coalition troops must protect civilians because Isis won't, says former UN commander

Mosul offensive: Colonel Bob Stewart calls on ground forces to protect civilians as battle continues

An Iraqi tank advances towards Mosul (Getty)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Former UN commander Bob Stewart has called for the coalition forces to protect civilians as the battle for Mosul carries on because "Isis won't."

After beginning yesterday, a major offensive to retake Mosul is said to be "going well", according to military commanders who are heading up the assault.

The Pentagon appears to have confirmed this with a statement that the Iraqi forces are "ahead of schedule" as the second day of the battle continues, despite fierce resistance

Colonel Stewart, a former UN commander in Bosnia and now the MP for Beckenham, explained to Julia Hartley-Brewer why the city is so important, and how long Isis forces in the city could withstand a siege. He highlighted that it will be mainly down to ground forces to protect the large number of civilians who are at risk from the battle.

Listen to the interview above.