Mother criticised online for slamming doctor's letter as 'sexist'

Mother criticised online for slamming doctors letter as 'sexist'

A 'sexist' letter was sent to mother Jo Martin by a doctor (Stock image)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A mother has been criticised for being too "politically correct" after calling a doctor’s letter sexist.

Jo Martin made a complaint after a consultant praised her husband for “manfully” offering to take care of their ill daughter, according to The Sun.

The father had taken the three-year-old to an appointment in hospital due to her mother being ill herself. This prompted consultant Colin Baillie to write to her GP about the appointment including the phrase “her father stepped in manfully.”

On Facebook the mother claimed: “It’s assuming that women are there to do the childcare and men will step in when the woman is not available, which is sexist.”

Father Billy also said the letter "was a shock when Jo read it out.”

However many reacted to the mother’s post with criticism. One user said “some live for the opportunity to take offence.”

Another wrote: "So instead of thanking the doctor, he gets a slap in the face for not being PC. Get over yourselves.”

Chief executive of the Royal Preston Hospital, Karen Partington, has now apologised to the couple for any offence caused.