Mother ‘disappointed and heartbroken’ by slow medical cannabis progress

Charlotte Caldwell

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Medicinal cannabis campaigner Charlotte Caldwell has said families are still waiting for prescriptions four months after the home secretary gave the cure the green-light.

The change was prompted by the high-profile case of Ms Caldwell’s 12-year-old son Billy, who relies on cannabis oil to control his epilepsy.

However Ms Caldwell said she was "disappointed" not a single prescription had been written since the law was changed last November.



Speaking to talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, Ms Caldwell said: “This medicine could be the difference between a parent planning their child’s next birthday party or planning their child’s funeral.

“I am really, really grateful to the company for moving so quickly and passing the law in November but I am extremely disappointed and heartbroken that it has been such a struggle for so many people who could benefit from medicinal cannabis.”


'Urgent' training of doctors necessary

Ms Caldwell added: “Four and a half months later and there are no prescriptions, because the clinicians are not trained and educated.

“We need to train and educate our doctors urgently to improve their understanding and to escalate clinical trials of all forms in a wide spectrum of conditions.  

“The government has put the funding in place, let’s get down to business and finish the job.”

Parliament’s Health and Social Committee will today hear evidence from academics, campaigners and medical professionals on issues surrounding medicinal cannabis.