Mother Emma Tapping defends spending £2,000 on Christmas presents: 'it's my money and my children'

Mother who spends £2,000 on Christmas presents says 'no one should have a problem as it's my money and my children'

Emma Tapping has spent £2,000 on Christmas presents this year

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mother Emma Tapping has said that no one should have a problem with the amount of Christmas presents she buys as it's her money and her children.

Tapping went viral last year after sharing a photo online of hundreds of Christmas presents spread around her family's tree. This year she has shared a picture of an even bigger pile and has spent "around £2,000" on her three children.

Tapping defended her approach by telling Julia Hartley-Brewer that her children "don't get spoilt throughout the year," adding that anything they ask for throughout the year "they get at Christmas."

She revealed that she starts her shopping in the January sales and continues all year. If her children were only given a handful of presents every year, and it was "done and dusted" early on Christmas day, "we'd wonder what to do with the rest of the morning."

Tapping said: "While they’re little, while they’re living at home and they’re with me I’m going to continue to do this every single year." 

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