Mother of James Bulger blasts killer Jon Venables after reports of new arrest

Mother of James Bulger blasts Jon Venables after reports of new arrest

Venables was taken back to prison after images of child abuse were reportedly found on his computer

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The mother of James Bulger has said Jon Venables has now proven he has always been “a vile, perverted psychopath.”

Venables – who tortured and murdered the two-year-old in 1993 alongside Robert Thompson - has been taken back to prison after reportedly being caught with images of child abuse for a second time.

Denise Fergus has released a statement to condemn Venables for his new arrest.

She said what hurt the most about the incident was how she claimed the probation services tried to “cover up” the arrest of Venables last week.

Officers placed him under arrest after indecent material was said to have been found on a computer belonging to him.

Fergus claimed she was only informed before the incident was reported in the press, which left her feeling “angry, upset, and insulted.”

She said she would be seeking legal advice before processing a complaint with the probation services.

Venables and Thompson were granted anonymity for life in 2001, which saw them given new identities.

Both are subject to lifelong conditions for their role in the murder of James Bulger.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Justice did not comment on the case.