Mother of Jihadi Jack warned son ‘you will get beheaded’

The parents of 'Jihadi Jack' are accused of funding terrorism by sending money to their son in Syria

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The mother of the young Muslim convert known as 'Jihadi Jack' has told a court she was horrified when her son revealed he was in Syria.

Sally Lane said she believed her son was travelling through Jordan and Kuwait “relaxing and enjoying the country”.

That illusion was shattered when she received a call in September 2014 with the brief message “Mum, I’m in Syria”.

"I was horrified. I screamed at him, how could you be so stupid? You will get killed. You will get beheaded."

Mrs Lane and her husband John Letts are accused of sending £1,723 to their son, allegedly despite repeated police warnings they could be charged with funding terrorism.

Jack Letts was 18 years old when he left his Oxford home and travelled abroad and he is suspected of joining Islamic State.

He married the daughter of a high-ranking tribesman in Iraq and moved to Syria, a jury has heard.

Mrs Lane said after that initial phone call, she did not hear from her son for three weeks.

"In the first few weeks, we did not know whether he was alive or dead. At least we were reassured he was alive. I had done a lot of reading up on what groups were there."

"He apologised for not having phoned since that call. He said he had been ill. He had been travelling.”

She told jurors she was worried Syria had made her son’s “mental illness” worse, and she considered travelling to Turkey as part of an effort to find him.

The couple deny three charges of funding terrorism.

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