Mother of police officer killed in France terror attack speaks out

Mother of police officer killed in France terror attack speaks out

The attack took place at a Super U shop

Monday, March 26, 2018

The mother of the policeman who died in a terror attack in France has spoken of honouring her son and not hating his killer.

Nicolle Beltrame told RTL she wasn't shocked to hear that Arnaud Beltrame had offered to swap places with a hostage during the attack.

The officer's mother revealed that she knew Arnaud had died upon hearing a policeman had been killed in the incident because he was "committed to the country".

Calling for tolerance, she said, "I'm here to honour him and I'm speaking to honour him, so that his act has some purpose, that we're a bit more human, a bit more tolerant."

She added that she feels no hatred towards her son’s killer, only "indifference and the greatest sense of contempt”, and said people should "show the photos of heroes, not killers and monsters," The Local reported.

Radouane Lakdim was armed with a knife, gun and explosives when he attacked on Friday (March 23).

He shot two people when hijacking their car, killing one and injuring the other, who is now in a critical condition.

As Lakdim made his way to a supermarket, he shot a police officer before taking hostages in the shop and killing two.

Police killed the gunman after he had shot and stabbed Beltrame, who died of his injuries early on Saturday (March 24).

Officers found notes at Lakdim’s home which discuss Islamic State, according to a legal source. He had been on an extremist watch list, but authorities believed he was not a threat.