MP calls for people from 'diverse' backgrounds to appear on banknotes

Helen Grant

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A Conservative MP has called for the Bank of England to feature people from black, Asian, or minority ethnic backgrounds on the new £50 note.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Helen Grant said it was "disappointing" that banknotes were not representative of the "ethnic diversity of our population".

She added that 14 per cent of the UK population was from a BAME background, and that the national currency should reflect that diversity, rather than featuring only "historic white men".

"I bring this bill because I believe the governor of the Bank of England has a unique opportunity to address an archaic stereotype, one that completely undermines the credible efforts towards diversity and inclusion that are indeed taking place at the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street," Ms Grant said.

"Such positive action would underline the pride we have in this country's great multi-culture. It would also help to defeat the despicable influence of hatred and division that seek to destroy our libertarian way of life."

The Bank of England asked members of the public for suggestions of who to feature on the new £50 note earlier this year, and will announce their decision this summer.

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