MP Nigel Evans reveals abuse he received and says 'we must not allow it to become normal'

MP Nigel Evans reveals abuse he received and says 'we must not allow it to become normal'

Nigel Evans has revealed the abuse he received

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tory MP Nigel Evans says the abuse of politicians must not become "the new normal" while revealing the horrific slurs he himself has suffered over recent months.

MPs were today scheduled to have an hour-long debate in the House of Commons about the abuse they receive, including instances of anti-Semitism, racist attacks and death threats.

Evans said the current state of affairs "is the worst I have ever experienced it," in almost 40 years of political life.

The gay Tory MP, who was cleared of raping a university student in 2014, added that whereas in the past posters were being stolen or removed, "this time they were actually daubed with offensive homophobic remarks relating back to my court case.

"One man kept yelling constantly at me that I was a child murderer," he added. "Another person came up to me and used an offensive word to me which I will not repeat, and then he pushed me.

"Originally I thought what had happened to me as far as the yelling was concerned was isolated. It certainly wasn’t."

He also talked about the Nazi swastikas sent to Tory colleague Sheryll Murray, while revealing that another Conservative MP, Antoinette Sandbach, was called "fat and ugly."

But Evans was opposed by caller Eric, a former soldier, who joined the debate and argued that politicians "especially over the last year or so, all that’s happened is they're creating division in society."

Eric said many people who voted Brexit feel particularly cheated. "Somebody is going to sit back and think 'I voted this way or that way and these people are coming out and insulting me'", he said. 

"You can’t condone any kind of action like that, but people will revert to base instincts."

Evans countered by saying that "some politicians are stretching it on Brexit...but nothing justifies the [current] level and scale of abuse."

He believes it will result in "decent people not putting themselves forward" to be politicians.

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