MP Simon Danczuk: Corbyn's stooges have banished me from Labour as punishment for speaking out

Simon Danczuk says he's been punished for speaking out

Simon Danczuk believes the NEC has made an example of him

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

MP Simon Danczuk has spoken out about Labour's refusal to endorse him for the forthcoming election, claiming he has been punished for speaking out against "dangerous" Jeremy Corbyn.

The Rochdale MP was suspended by Labour in December for allegedly sending explicit texts. He had lodged an appeal to be reinstated ahead of June's vote, but the appeal was rejected by Labour's National Executive Committee and the party will now put forward an alternative candidate.

Danczuk said he has apologised in full,  but, he says, "Corbyn's Labour party has been determined to get rid of me so that they can create an opportunity for a Corbyn extremist to fight the seat."

Although the Labour leader does not control of the NEC or its disciplinary committees, Danczuk said the panel which decided not to reinstate him contained a number of "Corbyn stooges."

Danczuk has represented Rochdale as an independent since being banished by Labour in December, but refused to confirm he will stand again under a non-partisan banner at the forthcoming election.

However he said Labour's decision could backfire, as the people of Rochdale "aren't a pushover" and will probably rebel by voting against the party.

Turning to Corbyn himself, Danczuk said that, while a nice person, he is "indecisive and unprofessional" as a politician.

"He's one of the last people you would want running the country," Danczuk said. "He's actually quite dangerous."

talkRADIO has contacted Labour for a response and we're awaiting their reply.

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