MPs' Ched Evans scaremongering will stop rape victims coming forward, says John Cooper QC

'MPs have got the Ched Evans case all wrong and it will put off complainants from coming forward', says John Cooper QC

Ched Evans (Getty)

Monday, October 24, 2016

MPs who have complained about the exposure of sexual history in the Ched Evans case are wrong and their scaremongering must end, according to John Cooper QC.

Last week Evans was found not guilty of raping a 19-year-old in a hotel room, after a retrial. However during the hearing, the previous sexual history of the alleged victim was discussed and many have expressed their concern, including female MPs calling for a legal challenge. 

Cooper told James Whale: "The Ched Evans case was an exceptional case, people who are in many respects scaremongering are going to cause a problem for all rape complainants. They're really doing a disservice to all.

"Those 40 women, members of Parliament who are no doubt [complaining] for the greatest of reasons, have got it all wrong.

"By saying that Ched Evans is in some way a case which is going to blow open sexual history and put complainants into embarrassing and traumatic situations in court, is doing more to put off complainants than the Ched Evans case ever would have."

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