MP's father found ‘bruised and bleeding’ at care facility

MP claims father found ‘bruised and bleeding’ at London care facility

The Tooting MP told the House of Commons that the injuries had happened three days before she was called.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

An MP has spoken of finding her dementia-suffering father with “brutal injuries” in a care home facility in south London.

Labour's Rosena Allin-Khan recalled receiving a "hushed" phone call from a carer advising her family to check on her father as he had been "hurt".

MPs heard he lived in the Ensham House extra care facility, in south London, where people have their own self-contained homes and access to care on site.



On Tuesday, Tooting MP Dr Allin-Khan told the Commons: "Nothing prepares you for arriving to find your loved one with black eyes, bruises, cuts and blood on their face.

"And I can tell you that nothing prepares you for discovering that these injuries in fact happened three days previously and nobody called you, no-one alerted you, nobody called an ambulance despite the fact that somebody had a head injury, was on blood thinners and is elderly, and not a single person - not one - having any answers as to how this may have happened or any proof at all as to how this occurred."



Dr Allin-Khan explained that her family complained to Wandsworth Council, which contracts out the care.

She said: "From the very first meeting with the safeguarding team at Wandsworth Council, my brother and I felt as though we were put on trial.


"A new manager from Ensham House was present, but he had no idea about what had happened to my father, and despite having been sent the horrific photos of my father's brutal injuries the safeguarding team had not even looked at them.

"London Care had no answers as to why we were not called, and again had no answers as to how it could have happened.

"It was not until the wonderful police officer arrived, at my request, viewed the photos and showed visible alarm at the injury patterns that the Wandsworth Council staff actually took notice."


'Highest priority'

Wandsworth Council said that safeguarding vulnerable adults was given the "highest priority", and that they were "in dialogue" with Allin-Khan. 

Writing in statement, the council said: “Wandsworth Council gives the highest priority to safeguarding vulnerable adults and children. We work closely with our partners to ensure we provide safe services and public protection.

“We also work closely with the families of vulnerable people, and are always open to their feedback and challenge.

“We have been in dialogue with Rosena Allin-Khan MP about her father for some time, and are aware of her concerns. Although she makes some important points related to wider public policy, in the investigations to date we have not been able to validate her specific complaint about her father's care.”