MPs form cross-party group to campaign for Brexit deal

The 'MPs for a Deal' group has cross-party support

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A cross-party group of MPs said there is still enough time to make a “pragmatic deal” with the European Union before October 31.

More than a dozen MPs including former Conservative cabinet minister Rory Stewart, Labour MP Caroline Flint and Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb have formed ‘MPs for a Deal’ who believe an agreement can be reached when Parliament returns in October.

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock said the group’s goals are “rooted in reality” and they can reach a deal that would be more successful than Theresa May’s thrice-failed proposal.

“This is not a unicorn. We have something here which is the basic foundation of a perfectly pragmatic deal that we believe can command a majority in Parliament,” he said.

“We hope that by 14 October at the latest, if not before, this Prime Minister will be ready to bring a deal to Parliament, and MPs for a Deal wish him well in doing that.”

Mr Stewart was one of the 21 Conservative MPs who had the whip withdrawn last week for voting against the government and said: “There is only one door out of this problem which is through a majority [for a deal] in Parliament.”

Mr Lamb said he believed in the “importance of compromise” and finding common ground.

“There is a silent majority of people in this country who want to move on from this nightmare, who recognise that what's going on is massively damaging to our country,” he said.

A Bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit received royal assent on Monday. It will require the Prime Minister to ask the EU for another delay unless a deal is found before the current deadline.

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