MPs get upset only when ‘politically acceptable’ views are attacked, says political commentator

MPs get upset only when ‘politically acceptable’ views are attacked, says political commentator

A police officer speaks with anti-Brexit protester Steve Bray during a demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Political commentator Peter Oborne has said that “the whole political class gets upset” when people of “politically acceptable views get attacked” but not when it is people of “non-politically correct views”.

MPs have condemned protesters who confronted Conservative MP Anna Soubry calling her a “Nazi”, at the beginning of January.

Mr Oborne, a British journalist and broadcaster, told talkRADIO’s George Galloway: “There is a hypocrisy here which disturbs me a lot because the people who are expressing outrage about the horrible verbal abuse of MPs, but not illegal or physical attacks, said nothing when an MP – no matter how controversial that MP is – was thrashed to the ground within an inch on his life. Nobody said a word in your defence.”

He added: “What worries me is that it is only people with certain views – politically acceptable views – when they get attacked the whole political class gets upset.

“When people have unacceptable views – non-politically correct views – it was a matter of total indifference. That is contemptible.

“You have got to support anybody who says anything no matter how unacceptable because the right to freedom of speech is very precious.”

A man was arrested in December 2014 after attacking Galloway – then a Respect MP for Bradford West – and calling him an “anti-Semitic little man”.

Galloway was left with cuts and bruises following the attack by Neil Masterson in Notting Hill, west London.


'The murder of democracy' 

Watch: George Galloway discuss violence against political figures. 

At the beginning of his show, Galloway condemned any violence against MPs saying what happened to him was “nothing” compared to Labour MP Jo Cox, who was murdered in June 2016.

“What happened to me was as nothing in comparison to what happened to the late Jo Cox,” he said.

“She was a Member of Parliament stabbed to death going about her public duty.

“That is where political violence ends. It ends in the murder of MPs. It ends in the murder of democracy itself.”