Mueller investigation: 'Donald Trump won't be trembling in his shoes, but he may be concerned'

Mueller investigation: 'Donald Trump won't be trembling in his shoes, but he may be concerned'

Donald Trump might be concerned, according to Dr Clodagh Harrington

Friday, February 23, 2018

Donald Trump won't be "trembling in his shoes yet", despite an apparent change of gear in the Mueller investigation, a senior politics lecturer has said.  

Robert Mueller has filed 32 new fraud charges against Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort and Trump campaign deputy chairman Rick Gates. Mueller is the special prosecutor leading the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Dr Clodagh Harrington, the chair of political study group the American Politics Group, told Rufus Hound and Michelle Dewberry: "It’s interesting to see that there's maybe a change of gear but I don’t think Trump would be trembling in his shoes just yet, although he might be concerned.

"Based on how these previous special counsel investigations have gone it’s really the long game – it can take years.

"The end game of an investigation like this, should it continue to its logical conclusion, is impeachment. That’s a liberal fantasy that probably won’t happen."

She thinks: "America is now so polarised that opponents of Trump will just assume that he's guilty before any formal procedures have taken place and his supporters will shout conspiracy, liberals all piling up against him."

Harrington added: "I think people who are really concerned about this need to keep an eye out and watch what is happening.

"Trump is incredibly adept at throwing out litter in whatever direction to distract people, so he'll say something crazy on Twitter at 6am and then he controls the news cycle for the day."

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