Museum of London in talks to acquire Trump baby blimp

Donald Trump

Anti-Trump protesters in Scotland fly the balloon during the president's July 2018 visit

Monday, June 3, 2019

The Museum of London is in talks to acquire a giant inflatable Donald Trump, frequently flown during protests at his UK visits.

It hopes to display the giant inflatable, which depicts the US president in a nappy and holding a mobile phone, as part of its protest collection.

The owners of the effigy are reportedly keen for it to end up in a museum, with talks about its acquisition beginning last year.

The effigy is expected to fly again during Trump's three-day state visit to the UK, which begins today.

Museum of London director, Sharon Ament, said it would also like to display the Sadiq Khan balloon, which depicted the London Mayor in a yellow bikini.

"They're both really important and of their time," she told the Press Association.

"They characterise a satirical characteristic of British people, the way in which we sometimes respond to big issues using satire."

She added: "They acknowledge the social discourse and dialogue in society at the moment."

The blimps would go on display alongside a "powerful" range of objects in the museum's protest collection, including banners from the Suffragettes and tents which belonged to late peace campaigner Brian Haw.

Ms Ament said the blimps are "rich" objects, shedding light on "how people protest in London".

Last year, rock band Pearl Jam hired the Trump baby blimp and placed it outside one of their arena shows.

Frontman Eddie Vedder spoke about the blimp during their set, as pictures of it were projected onto screens either side of the stage.

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