Muslim anti-extremist leader spat on and branded a child killer after Manchester terror attack

Ramadhan Foundation's chief executive verbally abused and spat on in street flowing terrorist attack

A terror attack took place in Manchester on Monday (May 22)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Muslim leader of an anti-extremism campaign group was verbally abused and spat on the day after the Manchester terror attack.

Mohammed Shafiq told The Independent the incident took place in Brighton in West Street when a man elbowed him.

Shafiq, who has appeared several times on talkRADIO, believes the man was around 35 years old and said “I turned round and looked at him, and he spat in my face and said ‘You are killing children’.

“In a normal situation, I’d have a conversation with him. But you don’t know if they’ve got a knife or whatever, so I ignored it and walked on.

"He was babbling away as I walked, looking for a reaction, saying ‘F*** off back to your own country'."

Shafiq claimed this was the first time such an incident had happened to him in person, although he has experienced negative comments on Twitter. He also said that he had been shaken by the abuse.

Yesterday Shafiq made numerous statements about the terror attack and called it the darkest day in Manchester's history.

He said: “I’m somebody who has been at the forefront of the campaign against terrorism and extremism. I was threatened by Al-Qaeda in 2013 in a video and had to have police protection.

“It’s particularly saddening, as it’s hard to get the message out there that terrorism is evil, and then you have some people who just insult you and spit at you."

Other instances of abuse have also been reported since the Manchester attack. A 14-year-old girl wearing a headscarf was shouted at in the street and a mosque in Manchester has been attacked by arsonists.

It is believed the arson may be a form of revenge attack.