Muslim undertaker explains why she wouldn't perform funeral for Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood

Undertaker who wouldn't perform funeral for Westminster terrorist says he's 'a donkey who represents no religion on this planet'

Khalid Masood carried out at attack in Westminster

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A woman who was asked to perform the funeral of Khalid Masood has called him a donkey who represents no religion on this planet.

Muslim undertaker Habiba was approached by St Thomas' Hospital, and was asked if she would conduct the funeral for Masood, the man who carried out the Westminster attack earlier this year.

She told Iain Lee: "I was approached to do the funeral of that donkey from Westminster Bridge.

"If I in any way supported anything they did, I would have done it. 

"I’m not interested, he doesn’t represent any religion that I recognise on this planet."

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