Muslims don't want to see Louis Smith suspended, says London Imam Ajmal Masroor

'Suspending Louis Smith is an overreaction, because he has apologised', says key Muslim cleric

Louis Smith

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Louis Smith does not deserve to be suspended as Muslims have not called for it and he has apologised for his actions, according to London-based Imam Ajmal Masroor.

The gymnast and TV personality has been suspended for two months by British Gymnastics over a video where he appears to mock Islam. It appears to show him laughing whilst retired gymnast Luke Carson mimics Islamic prayers.

Masroor told Sam Delaney: "I think suspending him is an overreaction, I believe Louis has made sufficient good gesture towards the community, saying 'look I’ve got it wrong, I’m sorry.'

"I haven’t come across Muslims calling for him to be suspended.

"If a Muslim gets offended so quickly, I believe they’re moving away from the true teachings of the prophet."

Listen to the full interview above 

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