'Muslims should question why no-one is defending their community in Myanmar', says George Galloway

'Muslims should question why no one is defending their community in Myanmar', says George Galloway

Many across the world have been outraged over the situation in Burma

Monday, September 4, 2017

George Galloway says he is shocked and disgusted by Muslim governments and jihadists because he claims they have not defended Muslims being massacred in Myanmar.

The United Nations has now estimated that 87,000 Rohingya people have fled from Myanmar, previously known as Burma, to Bangladesh, claiming the Muslim ethnic minority has been attacked by troops and mobs representing the Rakhine Buddhist majority.

Galloway said: "Muslim people in Burma, who once had a kingdom of their own and then became a province of Burma who are Burmese people, whose ancestors go back for centuries in Burma are being systematically, ethnically and religiously cleansed.

"It’s truly shocking when you see innocent people being murdered. For me it’s even more shocking when nobody gives a toss about it."

He believes "not a single Muslim government has been able to raise a finger in defence of the Burmese Muslim community. Shame on them.

"Not a single jihadist has made their way from a curry house in Amsterdam or Brussels or South Wales. Not a single holy warrior has otherwise been plotting to kill innocent people in Manchester or on London bridges, not a single one of these so-called jihadists has been ready to go to Burma to defend the Muslims being massacred there.

"I’m disgusted by all of them and I hope [the Muslim community] ask themselves this question: how has it come to be that with all that wealth, with all those armies, the Muslims are so pathetically, inadequately, incompetently led that the Muslims in Burma just have to lie down by the side of the road and their life's blood pour into the gutter?"

Galloway added that he thinks Aung San Suu Kyi is "the lipstick on the pig of Burmese fascism" as "she is the person going on television to justify the massacre of men, women and children. Defenceless men, women and children in her own country."

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