Myanmar’s security forces raping Rohingya women in droves, investigation finds

Investigation finds Myanmar’s security forces are raping Rohingya women

The Associated Press spoke to Rohingya refugees (Stock image)

Monday, December 11, 2017

An investigation has found that Myanmar’s security forces are raping Rohingya women as part of a campaign of terror against the Muslim community.

The Associated Press interviewed 29 women and girls about the matter, who had managed to escape to Bangladesh.

Their stories bore clear similarities and are seen to backup the United Nations' belief that the sexual attacks are being used as a “calculated tool of terror" to force the Rohingya out of the country.

Each of them said that the rapes were conducted by groups of men who were also very violent. All but one of them said the men wore military uniforms which of camouflage or dark green during the attacks.

These uniforms are said to have had patches on them with stars or arrows and these symbols represent the units in the army of Myanmar, according to The South China Morning Post.

The one woman who said the attackers were not in uniform said she was told by a neighbour they had seen them working at a military outpost.

The group were from different refugee camps, aged from 13 to 35, and interviewed individually on the basis that only their first initial would be used in reports.

This is because they feared their families may be killed by the army in Myanmar as a result of their decision to speaking out.

They claimed a campaign of military rape was inflicted on the Rohingya people from October 2016 until September this year.

The interviews fly in the face of an internal investigation conducted by the Myanmese military last month, which found that no rape attacks had taken place.

However both doctors and aid workers who have been working with the Rohingya claim there have been a shocking amount of rape attacks and believe there are many victims who haven't spoken out.