Nadine Dorries: Boris Johnson's burqa article didn't go 'far enough'

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Conservative MP has suggested Boris Johnson’s article about burqas didn’t go far enough, as she’s called for the face-covering clothing to be banned.

Nadine Dorries, MP for Mid Bedfordshire, who supports the ban of the burqa was left “disappointed” that the former foreign secretary didn’t call for an outright ban.

Talking to Julia Hartley-Brewer on the talkRADIO, she said: “I’m actually disappointed in Boris, and I’m disappointed because he could’ve used his article to a much better end and he could’ve called outright for the banning of the burqa.

“It could’ve been used for the liberation for the many women in the UK who are completely isolated and segregated from society.

“We do have a problem with radical and extreme Islam, but I don’t believe Boris went far enough. No-one in the UK should dress in a manner, or be forced, to be dressed in the manner that disguises her beauty and her bruises.

“It’s wrong, it is a medieval, violent misogynistic method to isolate and segregate women, I’m really sorry he didn’t go further.”

Johnson’s comments have led to widespread criticism from people within the Conservative Party, and members of the opposition. Theresa May and Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis have called for Johnson to apologise over his comments.

Conservative Muslim Forum Lord Sheikh has called for the party to take severe action and has called on the government to “take the whip.”

While Labour MPs David Lammy and Stella Creasy condemned his comments.

Dorries has said the reaction to Johnson’s carry political connotations as she suggests these people are “terrified” of Boris making a challenge for leadership.

“People who are outraged - who are utterly terrified – know that at some stage, any day soon, Boris may make a challenge for the leadership and the position in number 10.

“All those who are going to come out, particularly on the remain side of the Brexit argument, are going to come out and they are going to attack him in force.

“The Prime Minister’s statement that some people were offended… Yes some people were offended but they are not people who would vote for Boris or ever vote Conservatives anyway.”

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Former Conservative parliamentary candidate Shazia Awan-Scully accused Mr Johnson of “pandering to the extreme right”, and adding to islamophobia.

"These comments are Islamophobic. They are against Muslims and I would urge any Muslims to not vote for the Conservative party because of their stance towards our community,” she said.

Boris Johnson has refused to bow to pressure to apologise for his comments about burqas, which have been described as “offensive.”