Nasa contractor says aliens exist and are living among us on earth

Nasa business partner says aliens exist and are living among us on earth

Robert Bigelow claims aliens exist (Stock image)

Friday, June 2, 2017

A businessman who works with Nasa has said he is convinced aliens exist and they're already living here on earth with us.

Robert Bigelow, director of Bigelow Aerospace, made the comments in an interview on CBS' 60 Minutes.

He said he has spent millions on looking at the presence of aliens and claimed he would probably spend more than anyone else in America doing so, according to RT.

Bigelow also suggested that no one would be able to change his mind on the matter because he is completely sure that aliens exist.

But he didn't explain whether this is a personal view or whether his work in the space industry had caused him to think this way. 

Bigelow's remarks are sure to raise eyebrows given his company creates commercial spacestations and works on technology which could help humans live away from earth. Some of Bigelow Aerospace's spacecrafts have already been taken on test flights to the International Space Station.