Nasa finds Bart Simpson on dwarf planet Ceres

Nasa discovers landslide on Ceres which looks like Bart Simpson

Nasa has discovered landslides on Ceres

Monday, April 24, 2017

Nasa has discovered a landslide on the dwarf planet Ceres which looks just like Bart Simpson.

The landslide was found during a study conducted by Nasa and the Georgia Institute of Technology, according to La Vanguardia.

Nasa's Dawn spacecraft was used to identify three different types of landslides on the dwarf planet.

These slips provide further proof that Ceres contains both ice and water, as they resemble the landslides we get on earth.

The study found that 20-30% of craters on the planet which are wider than 10 kilometres have some form of landslide.

These characteristics have only previously been found on earth and Mars.

In addition to the lovable tyke from The Simpsons, the landslide has been associated with other characters on social media.