Nasa offers huge salary for 'planetary protection officer'

Nasa offers huge salary for 'planetary protection officer'

The space agency has opened applications for a new job

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Nasa are offering an interesting new job. 

The American space agency have posted a job description to open opportunities for people to become planetary protection officers. 

In the job description, your responsibilities would be fairly simple: protecting the planet from alien invasion. No biggie, right?

Specifically, you'd be responsible for ensuring no foreign matter infects Earth, as well as ensuring humans don't infect any other planets we come across. 

Your salary would be quite impressive, at $187,000 (£141,000) a year plus benefits. Although some would argue the responsibilities implicit in the job spec might warrant an even higher salary.

You'd get to travel a lot - specifically to outer space, as the posting and eventual hiring is believed to be part of an upcoming mission to Europa, one of Jupiter's moons. 

The job, while only open to American citizens and nationals - requires at least a year of services as a civilian government employee, as well as a degree in physical science, engineering or mathematics.

So get your applications in - chances are positions like this will be in high demand for the future.