National Coming Out Day: These amazing coming out stories will put a smile on your face

National Coming Out Day: Coming out stories that are a little unusual

Today is National Coming Out Day (Getty)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Today is National Coming Out Day and many are celebrating revealing their true sexuality to others.

But many people have tales of the day they came out which have been a little unusual.

See their stories below

Mother was relieved to find her son was gay

Her son sat down to tell her something important, but before he could say anything she began to cry.

It turned out she thought he was about to tell her he'd got someone pregnant, so she only felt relief when the truth came out that he was gay.

A mother who lost a bet

Her only response when she found out her child was gay was "Dammit I owe your Aunt 20 bucks now".

Inspired by Ellen

A 16 year-old girl was watching TV with her Mum, when she exclaimed "Oh my favourite lesbian," as Ellen DeGeneres, one of the world's most famous LGBT people, appeared on screen.

Her daughter response: "I thought I was your favourite lesbian?"

After a pause her Mum just said "Oh ok," and continued watching TV.

Double whammy

When a boy finally told his parents he was gay, his Dad decided to use the moment to come out too.

Quite a double whammy, although it was probably an interesting day for the mum of the family.

Hell at Grandma's

When a Grandma was explaining how gay people would go to hell, her grandchild decided to leave the room.

Nothing too suspicious right? Well no, but then their cousin asked where they were going.

The girl's response? "To hell, apparently."


When a young man chose to tell his parents he was gay, their first reaction was "I thought your sister was the gay one?" Bet that defused the tension.