National Puppy Day: Stolen puppies returned home

National Puppy Day: Two stolen puppies finally returned home

A social media campaign helped put pressure on the thieves (Stock image - Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Friday, March 23, 2018

Two puppies stolen in Canada last week have been returned home.

Don Kotzer had four Jack Russell puppies which he was trying to find homes for, according to Victoria News. After one of the dogs was adopted, a couple had visited Kotzer to adopt one of the remaining puppies, however allegedly “left in a hurry” with all three.

The owner's daughter alerted the police and used social media in an attempt to find the missing hounds.

Many people shared and commented on Sam Kotzer's post, and someone even sent her an image of the suspect with the puppies.

Whilst Kotzer was out of the house on Wednesday (March 21), the two puppies were returned and CCTV showed a woman dropping them off and then leaving.

He believes the couple "got scared from all the attention on social media, and that we were close to catching them."

He claims the dogs are traumatised and hadn't been given anything to eat or drink.

Despite the woman paying for one of the puppies, the Kotzer is hoping to get this one back too, as he claims "those people are criminals and do not deserve to have a dog."