'Natural healer' on trial for allegedly drugging doctors in Germany

'Natural healer' on trial for allegedly drugging doctors in Germany

Several doctors were allegedly drugged (Stock image)

Thursday, November 2, 2017

A "natural healer" who allegedly drugged a group of doctors during a seminar has gone on trial today (November 2).

The alleged incident took place near Hamburg, Germany in 2015 during a convention, according to The Local.

Doctors, psychologists, homeopaths and natural healers took part in the seminar, however it ended with many in hospital.

Twenty-seven were discovered lying outside on grass after allegedly taking the drug given to them by the 52-year-old.

Many said they were suffering from hallucinations, rapid heartbeats, cramps and were struggling to breathe.

The prosecution claims the seminar was about a treatment called psycholysis which reportedly widens people's consciousness.

It is still not clear whether those who allegedly took the drug knew what they were doing.

The "natural healer" has been charged with the possession of drugs as well as being a supplier of banned substances.

Psycholysis has been known to lead to death as in 2009 two people went to a psycholysis meeting passed away.