Naturopath says his industry needs better regulation after autistic boy hospitalised

'There should be more regulation for the naturopath and herbalist industry', says natural health consultant

A boy was left severely ill after advice from a naturopath (Wikipedia)

Friday, October 7, 2016

There should be more regulation for the naturopath and herbalist industry, according to a natural health consultant.

Lloyd Gee was speaking to talkRADIO after a four-year-old autistic boy was left severely ill after suffering adverse effects from supplements.

The boy had been sick and constipated for three weeks, losing 3 kilograms of weight, when he was taken to A&E. He made a full recovery two weeks later. 

Gee told Yasmeen Khan that "It's incredibly rare to get these sort of reactions.

"I personally am quite cautious of supplementation, I think it's far better to actually get the nutrition you need from your food.


"I personally think it would be better for there to be more regulation for some aspects of the industry, and have been very keen on statuary regulation for the herbal profession."

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