Nazi books discovered in Argentina town - days after attacks on Jewish students

Nazi books were discovered on a mountainside

The books were discovered in apparently good condition

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A bundle of books referencing Nazism has been discovered in the Argentine city of Bariloche - days after a group of students allegedly dressed as Nazis attacked pupils from a Jewish college nearby.

The books were reportedly discovered in a bag of rubbish on a mountain. They were old but in perfect condition, and the majority were written in German, according to local news source Radio Jai.

The discovery came in the wake of an incident at a Bariloche disco, when students from a German college in Buenos Aires  attacked a group of students from the ORT school in Belgrano. Both sets of students were apparently on trips to celebrate completing their education.

The German college students were reportedly wearing swastikas and Hitler-esque moustaches when they attacked the Belgrano students, whose school belongs to the global Jewish movement ORT.

The disco altercation prompted a flurry of messages on social media, with a number of respondents posting tweets in favour of Hitler and Nazism.

Bariloche, situated close to the border with Chile, provided a haven for a number of Nazis after the Second World War. Perhaps the most notorious was Erich Priebke, who was convicted of war crimes in 1996 for participating in the massacre at the Ardeatine caves in Rome in 1944 in which over 300 people died.