'Nazi grandma' Ursula Haverbeck convicted of Holocaust denial again

German neo-Nazi is convicted of Holocaust denial

Ursula Haversack said Auschwitz was a labor camp

Friday, September 2, 2016

A German woman dubbed the 'Nazi grandma' has been convicted of Holocaust denial for a second time.

Ursula Haverbeck, 87, has been sentenced to eight months in prison but has said she will appeal the decision, according to the Associated Press.

Haverbeck, one of Germany's most prominent neo-Nazis, was previously the chairwoman of a far-right training centre which was closed in 2008 for spreading Nazi propaganda. Her late husband, Werner Georg, was reportedly involved in the Nazi leadership during the 1930s. 

In February she wrote a letter to the Mayor of Detmold when a former Auschwitz guard was on trial at the local court, claiming the Nazi death camp was actually a labor camp and calling survivors "alleged witnesses".

Haverbeck had previously been convicted in 2015 for a similar statement in Lueneburg, outside the trial of another former Auschwitz guard, Oskar Groening. Then she was sentenced to 10 months in prison, but is currently free as her appeal is still being heard.

During the 2015 trial the judge described Haverbeck as a "lost cause" and condemned her for spreading "hair-raising nonsense."

Both guards in question are appealing as they have been convicted of multiple counts of accessory to murder. However Groening has admitted "moral guilt" and has appeared on television in a case which has achieved international notoriety.