Nazi hunter says Holocaust criminals must face justice, no matter their age

'Passage of time doesn't diminish guilt,' says Nazi hunter in the wake of Holocaust Memorial day

A survivor of Auschwitz, with his identifying tattoo on his arm

Monday, January 30, 2017

A man known as 'the Nazi hunter' has told talkRADIO there must be no sympathy for Holocaust criminals, no matter how old they are.

Efraim Zuroff was speaking to Paul Ross in the wake of Holocaust Memorial Day, which remembered the millions of people systemically killed in the deadliest genocide in modern history. 

Some have suggested the handful of Nazi Holocaust perpetrators still alive should be spared trial, because of their advanced age. However Zuroff, who tracks such people on behalf of Israel's Simon Wiesenthal centre, says this is a nonsense.

He told Paul Ross: "The passage of time doesn’t diminish the guilt. Old age shouldn’t afford protection to people who have committed such heinous crimes.

"We also owe to the victims, to try to find the people who killed men, women, and children simply because they were categorised the enemies of the Reich."

Dr. Zuroff, who wrote a moving piece for talkRADIO on Holocaust Memorial Day, said much of his work now centres on Eastern Europe, which bore the brunt of the Nazis' brutality but is now, he believes, reluctant to face up to its history.

"The Nazis needed local helpers because they were short of manpower. The problem is, because [the Eastern Europeans'] participation was so important, they’re reluctant to tell the truth of it.

"They want to convince you that they suffered under Communism to the same extent of the Nazis’ victims.

"But the Communists never tried to wipe people of the face of the earth, to commit industrial mass-murder.

"The fight is over the narrative now and it’s very sad to see these people try to evade responsibility."