'Nazi invasion T-shirts' on sale ahead of Russia 2018 World Cup

T-Shirts apparently referencing Nazi invasion of Soviet Union go on sale ahead of 2018 world cup

The t-shirts have gone on sale ahead of next year's competition (Credit: Deutsche Fun Shirts Facebook page)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

T-shirts which appear to reference the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in World War Two have gone on sale in a German online shop ahead of the World Cup in Russia. 

The shop Shirtzshop.de is selling a black shirt with a depiction of men wearing helmets which resemble the Wermacht - the army which fought for Nazi Germany and invaded Russia in 1941.

A slogan is emblazoned onto the shirt which translates to 'This time we come in summer' as well as the date of the World Cup next year. 

The shop is registered in the German town of Halle, and is reportedly owned by a man who was thought to be the head of a Nazi-comradeship group until 2003.

A Fifa spokesperson has told Russia Today no shirt bearing offensive slogans of any kind will not be tolerated in the stadiums, and how the organisation has a zero-tolerance policy for it. 

The Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union was one of the bloodiest events in history, leading to a series of seismic battles for key cities such as Stalingrad and causing the death of millions.

The invasion also precipitated the downfall of Adolf Hitler's regime as the Russian forced the German troops back before leading a devastating counter-attack into German territory, culminating in the fall of Berlin in 1945.