Nazi time capsule from 1934 found buried in Third Reich training school

The archeologists inspect the capsule (

Friday, September 16, 2016

A group of archeologists have found what has been described as a "time capsule" buried by the Nazis in Poland.

The capsule dates back to 1934 and reportedly contains money, photographs and film of the town's 600th anniversary, held in 1933.

The discovery was made in the city of Zlocieniec, formerly Falkenburg, which was part of Germany until 1945.

The archeologists made the discovery while examining the cement of a local tower in the Ordensburg Krossinsee, a school used to train future Nazi leaders.

The school's construction team broke ground in April 1934, which was probably when the capsule was buried. The school is still in use today by the Polish army.

Archeologists had long known the artefact was buried there, but had been unable to get to it until now. To finally reach it, the reseach team had to wade through ground water, pick their way through thick concrete and evade German mines.

The capsule will now be put in display in Poland's national museum.