Needles discovered in food being sold at German supermarket

Needles discovered in food being sold at German supermarket

Needles have been found in bread and salami

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Police in Germany have started an investigation after needles were found inside food being sold at a supermarket.

There have so far been five instances where needles have been found by customers in products at a discount supermarket in Offenburg, Baden-Wurttemberg.

The products the needles were found in were bread and salami. Thankfully so far the customers have noticed the sharp pins before eating.

Police believe the products were delivered safely to the supermarket and it was inside the shop that they were tampered with, according to The Local.

A spokeswoman for the police headquarters in Offenburg has said the foods are being examined and "possible witnesses will be questioned.”

Security has been increased at the shop in light of the incidents and any food found with needles inside is being taken off shelves.

Metal detectors could possibly be installed at the supermarket in the future to check stock.

This is not the first case of food being tampered with in Germany. In September last year, a man put a poisonous substance on food being sold in Baden-Wurttenberg shops.

The man then attempted to force a trading company to pay him money. However extortion has not been linked to the current case, the Offenburg police spokeswoman claimed.

The Baden-Württemberg Consumer Protection Agency is calling on customers to check products for signs of tampering and alert authorities if this is found to be the case.