Neil Coyle MP: 'I've had 2 constituents made homeless by Universal Credit'

Amber Rudd and Theresa May

Monday, January 7, 2019

Labour MP Neil Coyle has slammed the controversial Universal Credit system, claiming it has "completely failed".

The politician appeared on the Matthew Wright show to discuss the news that Amber Rudd had delayed the next phase of Universal Credit rollout, instead calling for 10,000 claimants to be transferred to a new pilot scheme.

"We are in year five of Universal Credit and here's the government telling us they need to pilot test it on 10,000 more people to check whether it even works," Mr Coyle said.



"Universal Credit was meant to do three things: save money, get more people into work and simplify the system. It has completely failed."

Around three million people were set to move onto the Universal Credit system before Ms Rudd delayed the rollout, amid criticism that the programme had caused an increase in poverty.


'I've had two constituents made homeless by Universal Credit'

Labour MP Neil Coyle. Image: Getty

"There'll be 2.9 something million people who are very happy they no longer have this prospect hanging over them," Mr Coyle said.

"Anyone waiting five weeks without anything coming in, of course there is going to be problems. Debt, arrears and other issues. That doesn't change if the pilot doesn't look at how to speed up that process, or cancel it altogether."

The MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark revealed that two of his constituents had been made homeless following the introduction of Universal Credit.

"I've had two constituents who were working, who were made homeless by this. That's the damage if it goes ahead without necessary changes."