Neil Coyle: Parliament suspension shows Boris Johnson ‘scared’

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Neil Coyle said Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament ahead of the Brexit deadline has showed he “does not care for our Constitution”.

The Labour MP told talkRADIO’s Alastair Stewart the Prime Minister is “too scared” to call an election or a second Brexit vote.

“I think it shows outright just how scared this Prime Minister is. He’s too scared to call an election because he knows he can’t win, they’ve just lost a by-election. He’s too scared to support the people having another vote on his plans,” he said.

“He’s scared to actually have full negotiations with the European Union and he’s even too scared to allow MPs to sit and debate his plans because he knows he not only can’t win the debate but he can’t win the vote.”

Mr Johnson has confirmed Parliament will be suspended less than a week after it returns, and will reopen only a few days before the October 31 Brexit deadline.

Mr Coyle has predicted there will be cross-House efforts to rapidly pass legislation preventing a no-deal Brexit.

“I will be working with colleagues from every party and across the House to make sure that we stop this outrage,” he said.

“They’re not doing this because they want a new session, they’re doing this to shut down debate on the most important issue facing our country and facing our country’s future.”

He added: “To bring Her Majesty into this shows again these people do not care for our Constitution, do not care for our civic norms, do not care that they risk the break-up of our United Kingdom.”

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