Neo-Nazi Football fans unveil huge 'holocaust' banner of Adolf Hitler - and escape punishment

The Hitler banned also displayed the word 'holocaust'

Fans unveiled the huge banner of Hitler during a crucial local derby

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A group of football 'ultras' displayed a huge banner of Adolf Hitler at a recent match - and have apparently escaped sanction.

The banner was displayed by fans of Sudanese club Al Hilal Omdurman, according to Marca.

The word 'holocaust' was also displayed by the hardcore fans, who call themselves the Ultras Blue Lions.

In addition to the banner, fans lit a series of flares - banned in the English Premier League - for the local derby with bitter rivals Al Merreikh Omdurman, which Al Hilal won 2-0 to clinch the Sudanese Premier League title.

Remarkably, the gesture has not received any official sanction, as police reportedly saw no reason to intervene.

However Fame, a campaign group which aims to combat homophobia in football, has announced it is investigating the incident.