New app offers young drivers coffee, pizza and days out in return for safe driving

New app offers young drivers coffee, pizza and days out in return for safe driving

The app monitors how safe the driver is

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A new app is offering young drivers pizza and days out in return for their safe driving.

Shotgun has been launched by Direct Line and uses GPS to track the routes taken by the driver as well as monitoring braking and speed on each journey.

The app also gives feedback and allows the driver to earn points for good driving, to be used at places such as Starbucks, Pizza Express and Virgin Experience Days.

Direct Line has said the app is not an insurance product, and so is available to any driver aged between 17-25 regardless of their insurer.

Benefits from the app last until the driver has clocked up 1,000 miles, which is typically around 6 months worth of driving.

Direct Line said data they have collected shows one in four teenage drivers will crash in their first year on the road, and it is hoped usage of the app will cut the number of young driver deaths. 

Brands director at Direct Line Kerry Chilvers said: "There are over half a million teenagers on our roads and every week more than seven of them are killed or suffer life-changing injuries. These are figures we have to change.

"We want Shotgun to act as a new driver's personal wingman beside them, to support them through those important first 1,000 miles of driving.

"We know that scare tactics don't work for this audience, who believe they're invincible, so we worked with behavioural psychologists to develop a solution which incentivises good driving and the leader board element appeals to competitive natures."