New BBC pay row erupts over World Service and news gap

New BBC pay row erupts over World Service and news gap

A new pay row has started

Monday, July 31, 2017

A new pay row has erupted at the BBC as those who work for the World Service have been angered at the pay disparity they face with other news departments.

The World Service is run in 28 different languages on television, radio and online. It includes services such as BBC Arabic, BBC Swahili and BBC Persian.

A review of the gap in pay between the World Service and other departments by accountancy firm PwC was expected to be published in spring.

The review has not yet been released, but sources cited by The Guardian claim the difference in pay is surprising.

Earlier this year a freedom of information request showed average wages for senior broadcast journalists working for the World Service were more than 10% less than those working for networked news.

BBC sources who work on a senior level have expressed their shock at finding some news readers on BBC networks are paid large sums, whereas they believe no news presenters on the World Service earn more than £50,000.

The pair said: “[Director general] Tony Hall says that the World Service is the jewel in the crown for the BBC but he needs to put his money where his mouth is."

One source also accused the BBC of hypocrisy as it measures the amount of ethnic minority workers at the World Service in figures but then doesn't treat them equally to other BBC staff.

It is thought that staff at the BBC have been told the review about the issue has been delayed due to a separate consultation on staff terms and conditions, which could mean allowances for overtime and unpredictable hours are curbed.