New blow for UKIP as figures show election donations plummeting

Women's Equality Party raises four times as much as UKIP from donations

Sophie Walker leads the Woman's Equality Party (Stock image)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

UKIP's popularity is again under scrutiny after new figures show campaign donations to the party are plummeting.

In its third set of weekly donation figures, the Electoral Commission said Paul Nuttall's party received just £16,300 between May 17 and May 23 - just 0.4% of the £3.773 million amassed by the Conservatives, and a quarter of the amount raised by the Women's Equality Party.

UKIP's donations have been steadily falling during the campaigning. In the first set of weekly figures the party received £48,000, followed by £35,000 in the second.

The Tories are way out in front in terms of funds raised, having received around £10 million so far. The Green Party has received the least amount of money, just over £40,000 over the three weeks.

National parties are only entitled to spend around £19 million on nationwide campaigns although limits are more relaxed on local areas, according to The Independent.