New criminal record system puts UK 'back at square one'

New criminal record system puts UK 'back at square one'

Labour MP Meg Hillier

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The chair of the Public Accounts Committee has said the new criminal record system puts the UK "back at square one". 

MP’s have reported the plan to move the system online, rather than having a paper version, is running four years late and £230 million over budget.

Meg Hillier told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “One of the tragedies of this that there are parts of the system that were running well until they started this new system.

“We were so concerned we looked at it a year ago and we’ve wanted another look to see what progress has been made and as you can see none has been made.

“They’re not going to deliver and most of this money has been spent and we’re back to square one."

The Labour MP added: “One of the first problems was they tried to introduce a new system that they thought employees and employers would want but they didn’t actually talk to them.

“One of the real concerns is that we’ve seen a number of projects coming from the home office during this time when Theresa may was the home secretary.

“The Home Office is good at security; I think it probably keeps us safe most of the time but it’s not very good at these major projects.”

Words by Wesley Hudson

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