New Labour members have no idea what Jeremy Corbyn stands for and shouldn’t have a leadership vote, says journalist John Rentoul

'People have got no idea what Jeremy Corbyn stands for' - political commentator John Rentoul on the Labour leadership election

John Rentoul reveals his opinion on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Monday, August 15, 2016

Many new Labour party members have “got no idea what Jeremy Corbyn stands for”, according to journalist John Rentoul.

Mr. Rentoul, chief political commentator for The Independent, made the comments in the wake of the Court of Appeal’s decision to overturn the judgment allowing new Labour members to vote in the party’s upcoming leadership election.

Only members who joined prior to 12th January 2016, or those who paid a £25 fee in a special 48 hour period in July will be entitled to vote in the election between current leader Mr. Corbyn and challenger Owen Smith, despite the previous decision given by the High Court that all members will be allowed to vote. 

Mr. Rentoul,  said the decision was “perfectly reasonable,” explaining the new members haven’t been part of Labour long enough to get a proper idea of what Mr. Corbyn is about.

"There's a lot of people who've joined the party who've got no idea what Jeremy Corbyn stands for, they just see a decent old man who's never changed his mind about nationalisation," Mr. Rentoul said. "They think it's a sign of authenticity.”

Regardless of the result of the upcoming leadership contest, Mr. Rentoul said Mr. Corbyn will eventually be defeated “because he's not going to win a general election, and it's just a matter of time." 

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