New £50 note will feature a prominent UK scientist, Bank of England reveals

Bank of England

Mark Carney announces the new polymer £50 note. Image: PA

Friday, November 2, 2018

The Bank of England has said that a prominent UK scientist will feature on its new polymer £50 note, and are calling on the public to put forward nominations.

Bank governor, Mark Carney, said that the new note will "celebrate the UK's contribution to science", with scientists who are no longer living and from fields such as medical research, biology and astronomy eligible to be nominated.

The Bank stressed that fictional scientists were not allowed, including "no Time Lords from whatever gender".

Professors Stephen Hawking and Dorothy Hodgkin, the only British female to win a Nobel prize for science, are among early proposals from the public.



Professor Brian Cox was quick to nominate Professor Hawking, the renowned theoretical physicist who died in March, for inspiring "thousands of scientists" and "millions" of others.

There are currently around 330 million £50 notes in circulation, according to the Bank of England. It will be the last note to be upgraded from paper to a plastic polymer.

The current paper £20 will be replaced with a polymer version from 2020 and will feature the artist JMW Turner.

Nominations will close on December 14, and Mr Carney said the announcement of the scientist that will feature on the new note should be made by next summer.