New Richmond Park MP Sarah Olney blasted on Twitter for 'running away' from talkRADIO interview

'The best piece of political journalism I have witnessed in decades' - Twitter reacts to Julia Hartley-Brewer's interview with Sarah Olney

Sarah Olney

Friday, December 2, 2016

In the wake of the disastrous interview Julia Hartley-Brewer had with Sarah Olney, Twitter's been flooded with people sharing their views on the new MP for Richmond Park. 

The new MP was dragged air by her press officer after just three minutes, after being apparently unable to answer most of our presenter's questions. 

Since then, the social media network has been flooded with comments praising our presenter, calling it for "the best piece of political journalism witnessed in decades", and criticising Olney for "running away."

Read a selection of their comments below: