New robotic instructor created to teach people how to dance

New robotic instructor created to teach people how to dance

A robot has been created to teach people how to dance (Stock image)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

If you've got two left feet, a droid dance teacher could be the answer to your problems.

A robot has been designed to teach people to dance and it can even adapt to a person's skill level - something which seems to be beyond the capabilities of many human dance teachers.

The robot was designed at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan, where researchers had already previously created robots that could dance whilst following a human,  according to New Scientist.

Lead researcher Diego Felipe Paez Granados said this new robot was harder to create than the previous one, as it needs to teach dancers without being overly forceful.

The robot has wheels to move around, but the top of it moves in a similar way to people dancing. It stands 1.8 metres tall.

There is a sensor on the robot which measures force and two lasers which can track the movements of the person it is dancing with.

This data is then compared with data collected from professional dancers in order to judge the learner's performance. The robot then gives feedback and shows overall progress.

The force applied by the robot is gradually reduced as the dancer becomes better.

The results of tests on the robot conducted by researchers showed five out of six people managed to improved their dancing ability, so it clearly works - although whether you can make a romantic comedy featuring a robot remains to be seen.