NHS child gender survey is 'political correctness gone mad', says Tory MP Tim Loughton

NHS gender survey is 'political correctness gone wrong', says Tim Loughton MP

A survey from the NHS asked children if they were comfortable in their gender

Monday, December 11, 2017

A prominent MP has called a survey asking children if they were comfortable in their gender as "political correctness gone wrong."

It has emerged that the NHS is giving out surveys asking primary school children questions about their gender. 

The survey asks children questions to ascertain if they feel "the same inside" as the gender assigned at birth, and requests them to identify their gender - the choices being 'Female', 'Male' or 'Other.' 

Tim Loughton - the MP for East Worthing and Shoreham - labelled the survey "political correctness gone mad."

He said: "It's inappropriate and destabilising. Planting that question is going to add to the stress and pressures on kids."

He blasted the Government for interfering and called for more families to be open with children on these issues, which he said would remove the state constantly trying to "stick its nose in."

Julia said while the survey came from "a good place" in helping to identify gender issues, it may cause more damage than good because it could make children consider questions they would not previously have thought of.

She said: "The vast majority of children don’t have big question marks about their gender.

"We don’t need to burden them with gender questions as its probably never occurred to them."

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