NHS crisis won't result in privatisation, says patients' spokesperson

NHS Crisis: "Only positive thing is local leadership,' says Dr. Mike Smith

Proposals to save funds in the NHS could see one in six A&E departments closed

Monday, February 6, 2017

A prominent doctor who represents the Patients Association has said the ongoing NHS crisis won't result in 'privatisation by the back door.'

Dr Mike Smith spoke to talkRADIO in the wake of new proposals which could see one in six A&E departments either downgraded or scrapped.

The proposals have only increased criticism of the NHS, which has been blighted by incessant crisis talk in recent months. Many have suggested the health service will eventually be scrapped and replaced with a private model, but Smith thinks this is nonsense.

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer that the privatisation claims are nothing more than scare-mongering by Labour supporters - and, in any case, it was a Labour government that began the outsourcing of the NHS in the first place.

Smith added: "The only speck on the horizon [regarding the new proposals] is the idea of the local services talking to each other and see how they’re going to deal with the crisis.

"Where they do this, it works. They provide better care for people who need it, the staff are happy, and they stay within budget."