NHS cyber attack: 'The Government musn't pay the ransom', says security specialist

The NHS was hit by a major cyber-attack earlier today

Will Geddes had some strong advice for the government

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Government must give the NHS assistance to decrypt its IT systems and not pay the ransom demanded by a cyber attack, according to a security specialist.

At least 16 NHS organisations have said they've been affected by a cyber attack. The hack is reportedly an example of ransomware, asking for payment before the computers are unlocked. 

Will Geddes told Yasmeen Khan that if the NHS pays the ransom, the decryption key they would be buying to unlock their computers could contain another threat. 

He said that hospitals will now be in lockdown mode in order to determine how much they can function, whilst this attack takes place.

Geddes added that any member of the public could be affected by a similar attack, in particular small companies.

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